Photos de la Volvo C30
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Volvo C30 et sécurité
Safety X-ray, Protective Safety, Integrated safety systems.   Safety X-ray, Protective Safety, Different grades of steel.   Blind Spot Information System, BLIS
Rear Impact, The rear safety structure is designed with an optimized mix of different grades of steel to provide strength and carefully controlled deformation in a rear impact.   Rear Impact, The fuel tank remains well protected in front of the rear axle and the spare wheel moves upwards, not to affect the energy absorption.   Side Impact, The seat-mounted SIPS-bag provides the same type of protection for your chest, irrespective of seating position. The inflatable curtains provide additional protection for the head and help keep the occupants inside the car, both in the front and the rear.
Frontal Collision, Safety belts with pre-tensioners on all four seats and force limiters on the front seats, deformable steering column and advanced airbags.   Whiplash Protection System, WHIPS    


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